Legacy Star Designs

Legacy Star Designs presents :
Coloring cards five pack - 01
​8.50, .01 shipping

     The coloring card five pack, are five, 5 x 7 -ish, coloring cards, that are individually wrapped. Legacy Star Designs offers shipping for .01, through Etsy. The reason for the penny, is that Etsy wouldn't let me offer free shipping. (dunno why). 
     The illustrations included in this five pack are :
     - Cute Aquarium - Sea Serpent
     - Retro Boombox
     - Cathedral
     - Copper
     - Poodle Pinwheel
     Although I try and get them shipped as soon as possible, sometimes snail mail takes a while, and, I don't offer digital downloads for these.

Monogram coloring cards

     Add a truely personal touch to your coloring pages. Great for special occasions for that creative person in your life. Sizes range from the 5 x 7 coloring cards, to 8 x 11 coloring pages. Each page is made to order, so, depending on the design, it may take a day or so to complete. However, is shipped within a day or so of the order. If you are in, or near the central Texas area, I can also arrange for a free pick up. 
     This is an example of one of the 5 x 7s, that I colored. The page will look very similar, but, in black and white.